How to finance my car 2021: best

How to finance my car 2021: best

How to finance my car 2021 Every day, the dream of most Brazilians gains strength: acquiring their own vehicle, thus achieving their independence and tranquility to come and go without relying on public transport, becomes easier. Financing has gained a lot of strength over time, and is practically the most common way to pay debt in installments. car loans

But you can’t be too careful, when buying something that will compromise a good part of your budget, financing for the purchase of new or used vehicles can be done in three ways: direct consumer credit (CDC) , leasing and consortium .

how to finance my car 2021

It pays to see which one fits best in your pocket and to know every detail that these forms of finance offer. Remembering that the banks will carry out an analysis to see if you really have conditions to purchase the vehicle and, only after, your financing will be released.

But, let’s know some advantages and disadvantages that financing offers:

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1 – You already go driving
One of the biggest advantages of financing, after the release of the vehicle’s purchase documentation, you leave the store with it, without having to wait for anything else.

2 – You buy even with no money in your pocket and How to finance my car 2021
This is an excellent reason for consumers, as there are banks that finance the total value of the vehicle and others for which you pay a small amount as a down payment, thus reducing the final value of your vehicle.

3 – Payment convenience
As you acquired it with a bank or affiliated finance company, every month when you pay your water, electricity, taxes etc; you will pay for your vehicle financing together, making it much more convenient.

4 – Is there any money left? How about an advance payment!
By advancing some installments with extra money you may receive, such as your 13th salary or bonus, you can pay off your vehicle faster.

But, it’s not all flowers, financing has some disadvantages too:

5 – The vehicle may be more expensive
In some cases, the client pays twice the amount financed, as the interest rates are a little higher, depending on the financing that was carried out.

6 – Your vehicle loses its value after a while
After about two or three years, your vehicle is no longer worth the full amount you paid, new models and brands have already appeared on the market, which caused this devaluation.

7 – Lack of planning
9 more tipsHow to finance my car 2021

This issue undoubtedly affects many people who end up acting on impulse and buy, but forget about extra bills such as fuel, parking, tolls and property tax, not to mention the maintenance that the car requires.

How to finance my car 2021
One of the forms of financing known as leasing, does not allow you to sell your vehicle until all installments have been paid, as it is understood that the car is not yours yet, so it cannot be passed on until you pay your last installment.

How to finance my car 2021
The delay in installments creates a big problem, as in addition to the increase in the interest rate, the seizure of the vehicle can be made until it is settled, with the bank being able to file a lawsuit for repossession, depending on the financing made and you can end up having to return your vehicle to clear your name.

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