Car Finance Deals How to buy a car in 2021

Car Finance Deals: How to Buy a Car in 2021

Car Finance Deals: How to buy a car in 2021

Car Finance Deals How to buy a car in 2021

Hi, I moved to Australia two months ago. The first two weeks in Australia we rented a car until we bought one. And today I’m going to share with you how it was to buy a car here in Australia. Apply For Car Loan

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As you know, I was living in Santiago/Chile and the cars are really cheap there, unlike Brazil. And here in Australia the car is also cheaper than in Brazil, but nothing compared to the prices charged in Chile. I don’t understand why, but the car price in Chile is very cheap!!!

As gasoline here in Australia is cheaper than in Chile, I decided to buy a gasoline car. My husband’s friends from work who are Australian told us that we should buy a Japanese car as it is easier to sell later. Looks like the Japanese car here is more popular with Australians.

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Here in Australia, in addition to the prices being very different from Brazil, there are thousands of brands and models that leave us totally confused. But with the tip of the Australians it’s already been easier to choose.

Then we visited Mitsubishi, Nissan and Honda, all Japanese. And we also visited the Holden (Chevrolet) store, because we rented a Chevrolet car and I loved driving the Cruze. We started visiting the stores on Saturday morning and by lunchtime we had already bought the car….You might think it was a rash purchase, but it wasn’t…. because all week we’ve been searching the internet…

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All of these dealerships have stores on Av. Albany Highway (Cannington) or on Leach Highway (Melville) in Perth/WA.

If you want to go to the dealerships website to know, just click here:

To buy the car you will only need a passport and proof of address. If you finance a part of the car then you will need to bring proof of income.

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If you buy the car financed, there is a minimum to finance. Each dealership uses a bank. We bought it at Honda and financed it by the Bank St. George. I didn’t buy a zero car, I bought the car the dealership used to test drive.

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We bought in the Drive Way modality, that is, the company made every effort to transfer the vehicle to our name. Which for us was super convenient since we had been living in Australia for just a week.

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Below I have inserted two photos with some information from the Australian government for those who are buying a vehicle. It’s good that you read calmly….

03 info car au

03 help information au

We chose to buy a car at the dealership because we didn’t know any reliable mechanics to check out the car for us. We are afraid to buy a used private car and then watch ships. But Australians love to shop through Gumtree (Australia buy and sell iphone app). visit

You will need to buy ¨Roadside Assistance¨, which is assistance for the vehicle. If by chance you get a flat tire or a breakdown, you have to call this assistance to help you. Here it is mandatory to pay for Roadside Assistance.

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